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Hongqiao Shanghai transportation - IC card elevator control

System Description: this project uses 104 sets of IC card elevator control system, elevator manufacturer for MITSUBISHI elevator.

Project Description: Hongqiao Shanghai integrated transport hub by 2006 development and construction, in 2010 put into use, is a transport hub, including high-speed rail station, rail transportation, Hongqiao airport terminal, including the transport hub, will cover aviation, high-speed rail, intercity rail, maglev, highway passenger, rail transportation, public transportation and other transportation facilities in a variety of transport facilities. The project is 12 kilometers away from the center of the city, east outer ring, West to Huaxiang Road, facing the North Zhai road to the north, South to the Huqingping highway, with a total area of 26.6 square kilometers, is the Hongqiao Airport 5.8 times. The main body is divided into five levels, the ground level two, the ground floor three, underground two, three two for the subway, the subway is the upper part of the high, the total construction area of about 170000 square meters. The main building from the east to the West in turn distribution: Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2, Shen Hong International Mansion, Hongqiao Railway Station and long-distance passenger Hongqiao Station plate. Hongqiao integrated transport hub will be built in high-speed rail, intercity and urban rail transport, buses, taxis and air port closely linked to the international first-class modern large-scale integrated transport hub. And will thus be built into the core business district of the core, for the development of Shanghai city to increase the new power source.

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