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Wukesong stadium elevator control system

1. Project description

Wukesong Cultural and sports center is located in Chang'an Street along and west of the city of Victoria interchange, project covers a total area of about 52 hectares, planning construction area of about 350000 square meters. Contains the Wukesong indoor stadium, Wukesong baseball field, culture and sports public service facilities, as well as a large cultural leisure square. Wukesong indoor stadium in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games basketball preliminaries and finals with hall. The total floor area of 168000 square meters, with a total construction area of 6.34 square meters, can accommodate about 18000 people, after the game can host a variety of large-scale events and large-scale cultural performances.

Wukesong baseball field is the 2008 Olympic Games will baseball venue, composed of three pitches, the two can accommodate 12000 spectators and 3000, also a is the practice field, without seats, with a total construction area is 12306 square meters. The whole sports center culture sports and public service facilities include swimming pool, shopping malls, hotel style apartments, office buildings and other property form, as a sports center facilities, can be coordinated with the stadium, Baseball Hall, organic. Total construction area of 28.7 square meters.

In 2008, the "Green Olympics, hi tech Olympics and Humanistic Olympics" proposed by the Beijing Olympic Games in, the Olympic Games are also a high standard of intelligent engineering. Wukesong stadium facilities are all introduced intelligent equipment so as to make the people of the world see China Science and technology high speed development degree, good publicity for the development of China's economy.

2. System introduction

Olympic venues in the elevator as an indispensable transportation tool, Wukesong stadium IC card elevator system equipment fully reflects the intelligent this theme. The venue 11 Elevators use Shenzhen City IC card elevator intelligent control system Wanglong intelligent technology. The company's IC card elevator control system adopts the current international advanced contactless IC card identification technology, greatly deepened the intelligent management level, so that China's Olympic venues intelligent equipment reached the international level.

Safety is the basic guarantee of the Olympic venues and facilities, the main reason for this is racing venues use Wanglong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. IC card elevator intelligent control system. Advanced intelligent recognition technology, safe and reliable quality assurance, flexible system configuration. Let the audience all over the world get a truly modern VIP experience.

Non contact IC card identification technology is the unified management of the card, the cardholder through the use of the elevator to achieve a real intelligent management, IC card elevator control system has gradually become one of the essential power system in intelligent building. Olympic venues using this technology, it is effective to manage the access to the stadium, athletes, journalists and venue staff to provide a high security environment, improve the work efficiency of the venue, to ensure the normal operation of the Olympic games.

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