The elevator is uncontrollable, namely when the ic card elev

release date:2015-10-19 14:10

  Possible cause:
1,commnication fault with the reader
2,fire control state
3,have swiped the reception card already
4,at the open time zone

Inspection measures:
1,check whether the reader indicator light is on and flash slowly or not. If not, check the cable connecting between the reader and controlling board, whether the cable sequence is right or not.
2,The fire control switch is not at the right position or the control board has fire signal input.
3,Have swiped the reception card already, check the card type in the management software. If yes, it is possibly caused by swiping the reception card, you can verify it by initializing the controller.
4,Check whether it has downloaded the open time zone or not.

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