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Shenyang Vanke BaiCuiYuan-the first “Tands-Free” System Proj

release date:2011-07-25 14:18

  25th July, 2011 Shenyang Vanke BaiCuiYuan is firstly adopting the “hands-free” intelligent system project in China. This intelligent system is firstly launched by ITLONG, using the no radiation hazard 2.4G Bluetooth technology, including the intelligent car parking system, intelligent access control system and intelligent elevator access control system. When the car passes the intelligent parking lot area, the system will recognize the owner identity automatically (Bluetooth card) and the barrier gate opens automatically. At the 1.5m distance from the door, the system recognizes the owner identity, the door opens automatically and call the elevator. After entering the car, the system recognizes the owner’s identity and send the owner to the residential floor. There is no need to swipe the card by hands the whole process.


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