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Changbai Mountain Hotel - IC card elevator control system

Project description:
Changbai Mountain Beijing international hotel is the predecessor of the Jilin building, was built in 1989, has been excellent to complete the Asian Games reception task. In July 2005, by the Beijing Olympic Games as the official reception hotel Beijing 2008 Olympic games". In this regard, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to instruct the offices in Beijing, Jilin Province, in accordance with the new standard of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG), high demand, in March 2007 began renovation and expansion project, completed by the end of April 2008, 5 month trial operation.
Today, after the expansion of the hotel area of 28000 square meters, the style of modern, perfect function, service warm, thoughtful, warm, considerate, everywhere filled with a strong Jilin local culture. The hotel has a comfortable and spacious presidential suite, executive suite, a total of more than 220 senior standards, with the executive floors and non-smoking floors; business center, swimming pool, fitness center and other facilities, can meet the needs of different guests.
As an important window of foreign cooperation in Changbai Mountain Province, Jilin international hotel is Jilin Province in the capital to carry out government, economic, social and cultural exchange service platform, the official reception of the Beijing Olympic Games, will be excellent to complete the reception tasks during the Olympic games.

System introduction:
Along with the development of economic construction in twenty-first Century, the development of the elevator industry which provides the vertical transportation in the building is becoming more and more attention. In order to improve the safety level of the hotel, Changbai Mountain Hotel lifts all of the introduction of the Shenzhen Wanglong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. IC card elevator intelligent control system. The company's IC card elevator control system, the use of the current international advanced contactless IC card as the identity recognition technology, through the management of the central authority, the owners through the use of credit cards to achieve the real intelligent management. Elevator intelligent control system has gradually become one of the indispensable power system in intelligent building. As a partner of the Olympic Games, Changbai Mountain hotel to rely on this intelligent equipment, safe and smooth reception of tourists from all over the world. As the host country truly reflects the thoughtful service, let each tourists feel the Check Inn Hotel Guests feel at home. feeling.

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