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JinJiang Inn Hotel - IC card elevator control system

System introduction:The project 11 sets of elevator using IC card elevator intelligent control system.

Project description:
Jinjiang hotel is the core industry of Jinjiang International (Group) Co., Ltd. is China's largest hotel group, owns or manages more than 380 hotels and hotels, including a wholly owned hotel and hotel owners commissioned by the management of other hotels and hotels, distribution in the major cities in China, operating management from the luxury Stars Hotel to the in the economic benefits of JinJiang Inn Hotel five. "Jinjiang Hotel" is China's largest hotel owners and operators, the world's major hotel group in the twenty-second place, is Asia's largest hotel management company. "Jinjiang Hotel" is one of the core industries of Jinjiang International Group, which covers tourism, passenger logistics, industry, etc..
Jinjiang Hotel Group has more than 420 kinds of Stars Hotel and economic hotel, located in 59 cities of China (25 provinces, autonomous regions).


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