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The system uses multi-layer modular structure of hardware and software design, high-performance ARM processor platform and TCP / IP, RS485 multi-level protocol network communication technology. The card reading system adopts non-contact R/W technology and logical encryption algorithm, which not only makes system with more powerful compatibility, stability and expansibility, but also makes the system more secure and operation more user-friendly. The system is applied in many large projects successfully and widely, being deeply trusted by customers.
1,Supports non-contact IC card, EM ID card, CPU card and long-range bluetooth card.
2,Supports opening the door by cards, push buttons, smart induction and computers.
3,Supports 4 kinds of alarm signals ( setted by the software, factory default: no alarm)
Overtime alarm when the door is open: When the door opens overtime, the controller outputs an alarm signal.
Fire alarm: when the smoke detector receives an alarm signal, the controller outputs an alarm signal.
Illegal break-in alarm: when the door being open without an opening signal from the controller, it outputs an alarm signal.
Intimidation alarm: opening the door with the intimidation card when intimidated by someone, the controller outputs an alarm signal while the door is open.
4,Supports off-line and networking working patterns, the CPU system supports downloading the parameters off-line by a data acquisition card.
5,Supports TCP/IP networking pattern, making the wiring more easily.
6,The management center has an acousto-optic alarm function and an opening the door by remote control function.  

7,The management center monitors in realtime.


Door Num.: 4
Power: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Working Environment: temperature: -25~70℃, relative humidity: ≤95% no condensation
Communication Interface: TCP/IP, RS485
Housing Dimension: 380*236*90mm
Installation Dimension: 330*196mm


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